Our company’s rapid growth is a testament not only to the increasing demands of the market, but also to the dedication of our Managers and Employees. 



B Comm Constructors LLC was formed in 2013 as a small telecom construction and repair company, with the aspiration to become a comprehensive firm capable of design and engineering as well.

In 2022, B Comm joined Future Infrastructure, a Primoris Company, who is a leading communications infrastructure specialty contractor offering program management, engineering, construction, and maintenance services to the leading communications companies across U.S. markets. As communication technologies rapidly evolve and the service base expands, Future Infrastructure is committed to growing 5G network deployments and supporting the transition to fiber optic systems to meet the industry's growing demand.


B Comm Constructors LLC provides quality telecommunication solutions from the design phase to completion and beyond. Our focus is to surpass customers' expectations by making vivid and complex visions realizations.


We value customer satisfaction to such an extent that our primary strategy is open and continued communication. We want to make you happy, and we will be the first to know if we have.